Secure printing with Printer Mapping


Since employees work on different devices and in several locations, printing in virtual digital workspaces represents a big challenge. Normally, the default printer for employees is defined based on their role. The result is that documents are often not printed on the printer closest to them, so that documents containing personal data or sensitive information…

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Contextual Firewall Configuration

With context-based Windows firewall , deviceTRUST can help with network (micro-) segmentation. That way, native Windows firewall rules can be created on a per-user basis. Based on contextual information, deviceTRUST can set and unset local firewall rules to control network communication for each user. This allows for granular network control on each machine – not…

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Compliance Reporting

At its core, deviceTRUST protects digital workplaces and uses devices as an additional security factor. If the context meets the respective security requirements, certain actions are triggered. Other actions are triggered if the context does not meet the respective security requirements. In addition to the active control of the digital workspace, deviceTRUST can also send…

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Dynamic Lock Screen


deviceTRUST enables the dynamic configuration of different idle time intervals depending on the environment in which the employee is located.

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Conditional Application Access


Regardless of whether applications are provided remotely, locally or via the cloud, with deviceTRUST Conditional Application Access, user access to applications can be controlled at all times.

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Time-based Access Control


deviceTRUST only enables access to desktops, applications and resources according to the agreed project phases and times, with the time-based access individually adapted to the different requirements of the company.

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Geolocation & Geofencing

deviceTRUST contextual location determination offers a wide variety of options for determining the location of a device being used and for controlling the dynamic access to desktops, applications and resources.

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