Architecture deviceTRUST Components

deviceTRUST Client Extension

An Easy-to-Use Management Interface

We believe that a simple management is important for a secure implementation. The deviceTRUST Console maps your reality and requirements into contextual definitions in an easy way.

Its graphic implementation allows maximum flexibility while being extremely easy to use. The configuration is done with the support of templates, and the integration into your existing management tools complements this principle.

All settings that are relevant to your contextual security are configured in the deviceTRUST Console.

  • Create separate contexts and actions tailored to your environment
  • Use the integrated templates as a quick start for your configuration or to explore additional use cases
  • Save the configuration in group policies or in files - customized to your administrative concept
deviceTRUST Agent

The Active Component for the Digital Workspace

The deviceTRUST Agent is our active component for your digital workspaces. It shapes the context and performs actions on PCs, laptops or in your remoting environment.

A universal component for all your scenarios!

Fat clients or remote platforms use the deviceTRUST Agent to shape the context and perform actions. It receives its configuration from the deviceTRUST Console and can report to various destinations.

  • An active component that shapes the context and performs actions
  • Its simple installation and low power consumption conserve the resources of your environment
  • It supports all current Windows operating systems
deviceTRUST Client Extension
Client Extension

A Passive Extension for Remoting Clients

Our deviceTRUST Client Extension supports the BYO or managed devices of your users. As a completely passive component, it is used to locate the contextual information specified by you.

In remoting scenarios, deviceTRUST Agent and deviceTRUST Client Extension work together. The Client Extension locates all information requested by the deviceTRUST Agent. The deviceTRUST Client Extension is completely passive and transparent to users.

  • A passive extension for your remoting clients
  • It locates the information that you request centrally and forwards it to the deviceTRUST Agent through a secure channel within the remoting protocol.
  • User-friendly, because it is completely configuration-free and transparent to users
  • Available for different platforms

deviceTRUST consists of only three software components: Console, Agent and Client Extension. With no need for additional infrastructure, tools, or customizations, these three components support your Zero Trust digital workspace strategy.

Use the context for your security strategy - simple, lean and always up-to-date!