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Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

deviceTRUST as an optimal addition to the Zero Trust strategy for protecting the data and resources of the Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

With deviceTRUST, the Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt adds an additional level of security to its existing Zero Trust strategy.

The Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt is a modern Swiss social security services company. Its customers include insured persons, contributors and beneficiaries of old age and survivors' insurance, disability insurance, income compensation allowances, of family allowances in agriculture and of the Familienausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

Regulation of access rights in a hybrid work environment

Roland Kudelić, system engineer at the Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt, faced the challenge of going beyond two-factor authentication to protect sensitive customer data and resources. And this had to be implemented in an increasingly hybrid working world, ensuring that certain work environments could only be accessed by trustworthy devices.
During his search for an additional level of security, Roland Kudelić came across deviceTRUST. Because the deviceTRUST Client Extension is a central component of IGEL OS used by the Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt on its IGEL devices.

"The already existing integration with the IGEL devices we use drew our attention to deviceTRUST."

Roland Kudelić, System Engineer
Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

The device as an additional safety factor

In the testing phase, the control of the dynamic use was convincing. deviceTRUST made it possible to use contexts such as access logs and hardware information of the devices used to control access to the digital workspace and individual applications.

In addition, the simple implementation on IGEL and other private devices belonging to the employees spoke in favor of deviceTRUST.

Thus, the device could be introduced as an additional security factor in addition to the existing two-factor authentication.

The Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt also uses the option of drive mapping, something that is solved much more easily with deviceTRUST than was done previously.

Constructive and fast support

The constant adjustments and the exchanges with the deviceTRUST team during the testing phase led to a direct go live after it was completed.

"The simplicity of installation and integration saved us time and was an important factor for the decision to choose deviceTRUST."

Roland Kudelić, System Engineer
Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

Beyond the implementation, the fast and competent support provided by deviceTRUST is a great added value for the Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt and Mr. Kudelić.

Ultimately, the implementation led to a further expansion of the existing security concept to keep the hybrid work environment secure, efficient and productive.

About Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt

The Ausgleichskasse Basel-Stadt (Basel City Compensation Office) is a modern Swiss social security services company that is responsible for the implementation of the federal old age and survivors‘ insurance, disability insurance, income compensation allowances and cantonal family allowances since January 1, 1948. It is also responsible for collecting unemployment insurance contributions. It cares for more than 26,000 customers and around 40,000 recipients of old age and survivor‘s insurance and disability insurance benefits. It pays child allowances for more than 8,000 children and young people. https://ak-bs.ch/



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