Zero Trust requires Device Trust

Stealing users’ credentials is currently one of the most significant attack vectors. Even traditional multi-factor methods can often be copied or bypassed.

Use your devices as a security factor and bring your conditional access to the next level!

With deviceTRUST, you add an additional layer of security to your Zero Trust Strategy.

Context as a Factor

deviceTRUST Contextual Security is the layer to protect a company's data and resources and reduces the costs associated with managing and securing digital workspaces while keeping productivity high.

Real-Time Conditional Access

Based on your Context, deviceTRUST performs the Actions you need to protect your digital workspace



Conditional Workspace Access approach to controlling access to your digital workspaces.



With Conditional Application Access you can define the applications users can access inside their digital workspaces.



Conditional Configuration allows you to configure the user’s digital workspace beyond the standard security approach.


External Systems

Ability to use APIs to import additional contextual properties from external sources and to enrich other systems for compliance reporting and automation.

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