Contextual Security
The only way to protect your digital workspace

deviceTRUST brings together all the context and control needed to protect your digital workspace whilst allowing the modern access your users demand.

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Everything you need to protect your digital workspace!


Always up-to-date contextual information describing the user, the device and their environment, brought together to where it's needed.


Control real-time access to digital workspaces and their resources, independent of the platform.

Digital Workspace

Secure digital workspace to protect your business, keep the users productive and support your Zero-Trust strategy.

Digital workspaces can only be secure with the complete set of contextual information.

With users working from any device and any location, a secure workspace is only possible by bringing together and keeping up-to-date all the contextual information:

  • User information whether local or remote
  • Device information whether local or remote
  • External data sources

Secure digital workspaces require real-time control with a rich set of actions.

A powerful set of real-time actions ensures that the digital workspace is always secure:

  • Conditional Access
  • Conditional Application Access
  • Conditional Configuration
  • Conditional Authentication

Secure future-proof digital workspaces.

By bringing together the rich set of contextual information with a powerful set of real-time actions smart decisions can be made to secure the digital workspace and enabling:

  • Working from everywhere
  • Allow access for external partners
  • BYOD scenarios
  • Reducing IT management and infrastructure costs


  • We have been missing a way to dynamically control the usage of different applications by different users on various devices. The contextual platform from deviceTRUST enabled us to do exactly that.

    Marc Reissmann, Product Owner Virtual Workplace Systems
    Deutsche Bahn

  • IGEL and deviceTRUST have been working together since 2017 and we are excited that deviceTRUST was an IGEL ready Launch partner. In a world where remote working is the normal, having deviceTRUST embedded into our OS provides our customers with comprehensive contextual security allowing secure access to VDI and DaaS environments.

    Simon Townsend, CMO
    IGEL Technology

  • At Microsoft, we’re very pleased to have deviceTRUST as a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) partner so customers have some great options for securing their WVD deployments even further.

    Michel Roth, Global Black Belt Windows Virtual Desktop Sales Lead EMEA

  • With deviceTRUST, our customers are able to provide device-based software licenses in virtual environments while complying with the licensing terms of the respective vendor.

    Christoph Link, Key Account Manager
    S&L Systemhaus GmbH

  • I can warmly recommend deviceTRUST to other companies – not least due to our positive experience. Anyone who operates digital workspaces should use deviceTRUST in my opinion, as it is an investment that is worthwhile and quickly pays for itself.

    Dominik Kletke, IT-Infrastruktur & Architektur
    KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

Use Cases

deviceTRUST Use Case Home Office

Home Office

Employees must be able to work from their home office with unrestricted access to all necessary applications, identical to when they are working within the corporate network.

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deviceTRUST Use Case External Partners

External Partners

Employees of external partners and suppliers should have access to applications and resources that are provided in the virtual workspace of the company.

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deviceTRUST - Time Based Access

Time-based Access

Requirements Employees and external partners should only have access to applications and resources provided in the company’s virtual workspace at certain times. A difference must be made between internal and external access, access from different countries / time zones and…

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