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Use Case: Conditional Application Access

0:57 min | English

Whether deployed remotely, locally, or in the cloud, deviceTRUST’s contextual application control empowers users to manage application access consistently.

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deviceTRUST + Stratodesk

3:10 min | English
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Use Case: Dynamic Lock Screen

1:25 min | English

deviceTRUST enables the dynamic configuration of different idle time intervals depending on the environment in which the employee is located. This prevents unauthorized persons from…

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deviceTRUST – Explanatory video

1:03 min | English

Protect your digital workspace with the contextual security from deviceTRUST and use your devices as an additional security factor.

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Use Case: Time-based Access Control

0:55 min | English

deviceTRUST enables individual time-controlled desktop, application and resource access for productive work as well as compliance with working time specifications and occupational health and safety…

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Use Case: Bring Your Own Device

0:52 min | English

deviceTRUST enables a security check of the end devices used when users access virtual workspace environments without managing these BYOD devices.

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Use Case: Cooperation with External Partners

1:04 min | English

deviceTRUST enables applications and resources to be made available to external parties via digital workspaces in accordance with security & compliance requirements.

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Use Case: Security Check

1:15 min | English

deviceTRUST’s Security & Compliance Check offers companies the opportunity to configure in only a few moments the ability of employees to access their digital workspace…

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Use Case: Working from Home

1:20 min | English

deviceTRUST ensures, by checking individual context properties, that digital workspaces can only be accessed from validated environments.

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Use Case: Geolocation (Short)

1:25 min | English

deviceTRUST contextual location determination offers a wide variety of options for determining the location of a device being used and for controlling the dynamic access…

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