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More than 10,000 people work on the platform every day, but none of the users notices it. deviceTRUST simply runs in the background and ensures that the right authorisations are activated and that people can work safely and stably.

Marc Reissmann
Product Owner Virtual Workplace Systeme
DB Systel

deviceTRUST’s context platform provides control and greater user satisfaction

Fewer tickets, greater flexibility when managing access rights and more reliability in Deutsche Bahn‘s workplace management.

The DB subsidiary DB Systel is a service provider that ensures that the employees of Deutsche Bahn AG can work safely and reliably. Marc Reissmann, Product Owner Virtual Workplace Systems, ensures that the Deutsche Bahn team has access to their applications at all times and from anywhere.

Hybrid systems and working practices

A major challenge in this task is that the numerous compliance requirements are constantly changing and must be implemented at short notice. “Hybrid working and user acceptance were two important reasons for no longer focusing on out-of-the-box solutions,” says Reissmann, recalling the time at the end of 2018. Time and again, we experienced data storage problems – especially with regard to SAP-related data. But remote access for those working from home also played an important role – even before the Coronavirus pandemic.

More than 10,000 people work on the platform every day, but none of the users notices it. deviceTRUST simply runs in the background and ensures that the right authorisations are activated and that people can work safely and stably.

Marc Reissmann, Product Owner Virtual Workplace Systeme
DB Systel

A lean solution was sought in order to get this increasingly unsatisfactory situation under control. The aim was to find a platform that would fit DB Systel‘s requirements profile as precisely as possible. System specifications were drawn up that primarily took into account the considerations of virtual workstations and defined interfaces to other systems so that the new solution could be integrated into the existing IT landscape as unobtrusively but effectively as possible. Reissmann: “In the course of our market analysis and research, we discovered deviceTRUST, a company that we had already come across at trade fairs and congresses.”

Transparency thanks to a contextual platform

The Darmstadt-based software provider impressed him and his colleagues, on the one hand, with the seamless integration enabled by deviceTRUST’s contextual platform. But the IT experts were also impressed by the flexible licensing model and the fact that the additional benefits have a positive effect on authorisation management, especially when working virtually.

After completing the market analysis at the end of 2018 and having opted for deviceTRUST, the planning and introduction of the solution began at the beginning of 2019. “We clarified the data
protection situation in advance and put together a test group,” recalls Reissmann.

All in all, the launch, which was accompanied by Reissmann and his team, took two months. During this time, deviceTRUST was rolled out to 100,000 clients. Today, more than 10,000 people work on the platform every day at Deutsche Bahn. The result: legacy issues have been solved, and users benefit from improved performance without noticing deviceTRUST at all; the solution simply acts smartly in the background, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Fewer support tickets and greater user satisfaction

This is also confirmed by the specific observations Reissmann and his team have made since then. Whereas storage problems were experienced time and again in the past, documents can now be saved and stored directly because the process is controlled by deviceTRUST. “The drives are queried in the background, and we then integrate everything on the virtual platform so that it looks just like the user’s personal client,” explains Reissmann. Since the introduction of the deviceTRUST platform, this simplification has led to a 50 per cent reduction in support tickets in the context of SAP-based data alone, which has a positive impact on resource planning and costs. In addition, preventive data protection measures can be implemented easily and data exchange can be controlled better.

deviceTRUST – Partners at eye level

“deviceTRUST is a cog in DB Systel‘s data security gearbox,” says Reissmann. He had his own personal “deviceTRUST moment” when it came to support. “Whenever there are questions, deviceTRUST provides rapid, professional, convincing and above all successful support,” he says happily. Reissmann enthusiastically recommends the Darmstadt IT company‘s contextual platform because of its numerous additional benefits and the increased IT security.

We lacked a way to dynamically
manage the use of different applications by different users on different devices. deviceTRUST’s contextual platform enabled us to do just that.

Marc Reissmann, Product Owner Virtual Workplace Systeme
DB Systel

About DB Systel

DB Systel is the IT subsidiary and digital partner of Deutsche Bahn and is the driving force behind the digitisation of all DB AG companies. The company provides the group with a range of customer-specific solutions and consulting services that meet the highest IT standards and pick up on innovative trends. DB Systel contributes its well-founded railway and IT expertise to this work. Further information is available at https://www.dbsystel.de

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