Deployment Scenarios Cross platform



We understand the use of deviceTRUST on Windows-based PCs or laptops as a local scenario. With just one software component – the deviceTRUST Agent – context properties are determined locally, and actions are also performed locally.

Define your individual context, deploy it to your local devices using your existing management tools and make your digital workspace secure!

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The agent runs on the local device to determine the context and at the same time to take the appropriate actions there


Multi-Session, VDI

No matter which remoting product you choose, deviceTRUST brings the context into your digital workspaces.

The deviceTRUST Client Extension locates all relevant context information on the accessing devices – whether BYO or managed devices. The deviceTRUST Agent shapes the context and controls the remote session of the respective user. Thus, all your compliance and security requirements are met!

deviceTRUST - Architecture - Remote


Software as a Service

SaaS applications are part of the modern digital workspace.

With deviceTRUST you can integrate the context into the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) and control access to AAD-connected SaaS applications.
deviceTRUST can either extend existing Microsoft Intune concepts or be used entirely without Microsoft Intune.

You obtain your individual context information at any time, efficiently controlling your SaaS applications!

deviceTRUST - Architecture - SaaS

deviceTRUST comprehensively supports your security strategy for security in the digital workspace. Local PCs and laptops as well as remote environments and SaaS applications can be configured and secured in the same way – individually and always up to date.

One solution for all your contextual security needs!