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Conditional Application Access

Internal or external security or compliance requirements may require applications to be used only in specific situations. For example, only on the company premises, within a certain radius around it, when working from home, in a specific country or at a defined time.

Regardless of whether applications are provided remotely, locally or via the cloud, with deviceTRUST Conditional Application Access, user access to applications can be controlled at all times, including the termination of applications during a session.

With deviceTRUST, we have found an optimal solution for application control, allowing us to only execute software that have been approved on our devices (application whitelisting). This security measure helps us to protect ourselves even better against malware.

Philip Kossmann
Head of IT Systems & Networks
Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG


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Microsoft AppLocker Management with deviceTRUST

All aspects of Microsoft AppLocker configuration can be configured centrally from the deviceTRUST management console.

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With the ever-increasing incidence of malware and malicious software, organizations are forced to deploy application control solutions.

Conditional Application Access with deviceTRUST

For security, compliance and regulatory reasons, it is often necessary that certain mission-critical applications may only be used under certain conditions.


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deviceTRUST + Microsoft AppLocker

Conditional Application Access

deviceTRUST brings the context into play - at any time and up-to-date. Based on the context information, an application can be made accessible or blocked. In this video, we show how Conditional Application Access works with deviceTRUST. This uses Microsoft AppLocker as the application control technology and deviceTRUST for dynamic configuration, which controls the rules depending on the situation.