22. September 2021

deviceTRUST Heros: 5 questions for Michael

Our product and our company can only be as good as the people behind it. In the deviceTRUST Heros interviews, we introduce them to you one by one. Michael, tell us a about yourself and what you do at deviceTRUST. I am a Senior Software Quality Engineer. I am responsible for testing the software deviceTRUST release and the maintenance of […]

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2. September 2021

Time is context

What is time? Is it money, free time or work? Does one have it and can one lose it? According to Einstein, it is relative and physicists generally define it as what clocks measure. The annual discussion about summer and winter time regularly makes us ask who sets the clocks and determines which time is the right one. At deviceTRUST, […]

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31. August 2021

The deviceTRUST Story

Dare to do something different and break new ground – that’s what we wanted to do in mid-2015 in search of new professional challenges. We, that is Jens Schmidt, Jon Allsop and Sascha Göckel the three founders of deviceTRUST GmbH. We had known each other for a long time from the virtualization market, we appreciated each other and our work. […]

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