Safer and easier multi-factor authentication with deviceTRUST

Enhance your Zero Trust authentication strategy while keeping your user experience level high. Add your devices as an additional factor – without user interaction!

Why user experience (UX) is crucial for your business

There are reasons to argue that data is the most critical resource for business. Some might also weigh IT security as an elemental building block for safe and continuous businesses.
Sometimes, the user is forgotten in this equation – while being one of the most critical pieces in the businesses’ puzzle. Without users, nothing gets done. Without happy users, nothing gets done properly. That is why keeping user experience high while keeping security in focus is crucial!

Learn how deviceTRUST can make access to your systems and data more secure without bothering your users – guaranteeing secure, flawless, and continuous usage of your digital workspaces.

deviceTRUST addresses various aspects to combine security and user experience

  • Security without user interaction: Security measures tend to bother users. They need to click here, type there, or be restricted somewhere else. Not so with deviceTRUST. deviceTRUST’s system of Contexts and Actions only affects the users if something is unexpected. If everything is fine, users can work without noticing the existence of the applied policies.
  • Clear and concise security messages: Security messages should be clear and concise so that users understand what to do to stay safe. deviceTRUST allows you to display, send, and store the information you need for any given event.
  • Easy configuration: Security features should be easy to implement and administer. Complex configuration leaves room for misconfiguration and lack of understanding. deviceTRUST features an easy-to-use and logical UI to simplify your administrator’s life.

Why reducing user interaction is so important

User experience has many factors, from an application or workspace design to speed and availability. Required interaction with tools or systems that are not part of the user’s main application stack is another crucial factor.
Imagine you clicking 15 times in 3 different applications before you can get the information from your critical system you need now. Sounds awful? It is!

This is why deviceTRUST does not require any user interaction at all. The descriptive framework allows you to define guidelines for any “good” case. As long as the information about the user’s device is evaluated to suit your requirements, the user will not even recognize that deviceTRUST is in use. Only if something is not as expected , the security measurements will be triggered – immediately and with your individual level of information for any participating party.


Any user distraction, anything unexpected, or anything that might be another step before users can do what they aim to reduce happiness and productivity. deviceTRUST can enrich your Zero Trust strategy by enforcing your individual security policies while being fully transparent to your users.

If you want to learn more about how deviceTRUST can help you implement a Zero Trust security strategy while keeping your user experience high, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a demo of our solution.

About the Author:

Sven Jansen

Sven has long been the link between customers, partners and our deviceTRUST team. As the person responsible for pre-sales, he was the contact person for demos, questions and suggestions as well as support with the implementation and use of deviceTRUST.