deviceTRUST 2023 - Review of the year

Before leaving 2023 behind us, we look at twelve months of deviceTRUST stories – from solid partnerships and exciting events to insights into our contextual security and the highlight of our deviceTRUST team. Be curious about what we have experienced…

Strong partnerships for our customers' optimal zero-trust strategy

A highlight of this year was undoubtedly the enjoyable collaboration with existing and new partners.

"With Stratodesk and CORETEK, we have added two strong partners to our network, making the digital working world more secure in the hybrid era,"


says a delighted Sascha Goeckel, CEO of deviceTRUST. In webinars and events with our partners, it became clear how easily and quickly deviceTRUST can be integrated into existing infrastructures and what decisive added value we offer in customers' zero trust strategies.
We have used constructive feedback from discussions with partners and customers to improve ourselves further and meet the constantly changing requirements of the digital working world. The successful implementation of our solution in numerous projects makes us particularly proud - success that distinguishes the entire team. In our success stories, we provide insights into some of these projects and show the diverse application possibilities of deviceTRUST.

deviceTRUST on tour

From Italy to America to Sweden - in 2023, we were represented at numerous events to share knowledge, learn from experts and promote dialog with the community. But this year, "deviceTRUST on Tour" also meant the team met in Lanzarote. On the Canary Islands, we brought not only the teams and colleagues together but also all our ideas and inputs to make deviceTRUST even better and our customers' zero trust strategies even more effective.


Outlook for 2024

Now it's time to use the experience, input and ideas to continue developing innovative solutions in 2024. Right at the start of the new year, we are moving our headquarters to a new office in Darmstadt - a significant step forward to meet the growing demands.

In the end, we have to say thank you. To our customers, partners and the entire deviceTRUST community for their support in 2023. We look forward to another year full of success, innovation and joint development.

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