deviceTRUST for Customer Experience Center

Secure your data against unauthorized access

Customer Experience Centers are encountering growing difficulties in effectively managing and safeguarding access to their digital workspaces within the swiftly evolving digital realm. Given that agents frequently operate remotely or in hybrid setups, the imperative of upholding the integrity and security of sensitive data alongside sustaining optimal operational efficiency has escalated significantly. This is precisely where deviceTRUST emerges as a pivotal solution, furnishing a resilient framework that considers factors such as the user's location, the security status of their devices, and various other parameters to guarantee secure and compliant access to digital assets.

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Enhancing Customer Experience Center Security with deviceTRUST

Customer Experience Center companies are increasingly facing challenges in managing and securing access to their digital workspaces...

As a world-class outsourced customer support provider, iQor delivers reliable, secure, and intuitive solutions at scale. By investing in deviceTRUST’s zero trust capabilities and Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS, iQor has seamlessly integrated our multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with endpoint security. These partnerships further secure our communication channels, protect data and transactions, and facilitate transparent data-sharing processes. The joint solution provides a powerful management platform with cutting-edge security features
Prabhjot Singh
Chief Digital Officer

Location aware contextual security from deviceTRUST

In a mobile work environment, employees can access their digital workspace from anywhere, but certain applications and resources may need to be restricted based on the employee's device location for security and compliance reasons. deviceTRUST offers diverse location determination methods, such as WLAN triangulation and IP/WhoIs detection, enabling dynamic access control to desktops, applications, and resources; for instance, access to specific applications can be revoked when crossing a country's border to ensure security and compliance.


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