deviceTRUST - Conditional Application Access

Dynamic & contextual application management for local & remote environments

For security, compliance and regulatory reasons, it is often necessary that certain business-critical applications can only be used under certain conditions.

deviceTRUST gives you the flexibility and control to ensure that only authorized devices can access critical applications. Our Conditional Application Access approach allows you to define rules that restrict access to applications based on a variety of factors. Whether it's the device's location, network connection, security status or other individual characteristics, deviceTRUST ensures that only trusted devices and users are granted access to your applications.

Kittiphan -
Kittiphan -

Did you miss our deviceTRUST Tech Talk: Conditional Application Access?


We are pleased to offer you the recording, packed with exciting insights.

Look forward to:

  • The implementation of Conditional Application Access from user and admin perspective
  • What does it mean to conditionally allow or deny access to applications
  • How deviceTRUST came to the solution we offer today and why deviceTRUST is designed the way it is

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