IGEL & deviceTRUST - Better together!

Zero Trust Requires Device Trust!

Use your devices as an additional factor with deviceTRUST and bring your conditional access to the next level!

With deviceTRUST, you can add an additional layer of security to your Zero Trust strategy. deviceTRUST Contextual Security continuously validates information about your devices and manages access based on the validity of the device’s context – without requiring the user to interact!

IGEL & deviceTRUST

deviceTRUST has been working with IGEL since 2017 as one of the founding members of the IGEL Ready program. The deviceTRUST Client Extension has been a central component of the IGEL OS for remote environments since IGEL OS 10.3.500 and is constantly being further developed.


IGEL and deviceTRUST have been working together since 2017 and we are excited that deviceTRUST was an IGEL ready Launch partner. In a world where remote working is the normal, having deviceTRUST embedded into our OS provides our customers with comprehensive contextual security allowing secure access to VDI and DaaS environments.

Simon Townsend
Field CTO for EMEA 


IGEL Announces 2022 IGEL Ready Partner of the Year

The IGEL Ready Partner of the Year Awards program recognizes IGEL Ready partners that have demonstrated strong commitment to customer success, active engagement in the IGEL Ready Program, and success on a global scale.

We are honored to have been awarded as IGEL Partner of the Year 2022 - Customer Experience EMEA at DISRUPT 23.

Life on the Edge podcast

Listen to our PreSales Manager Sven Jansen as a guest on the IGEL Life on the Edge Podcast talking to James O'Regan about EUC, IGELOS12, Conditional Access and Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration.

How-To: IGEL - Conditional Access

deviceTRUST can be used for a variety of use cases, for example: Make sure that only your IGEL devices are able to access your remoting environment.

Stay tuned - deviceTRUST will allow in IGEL OS 12!