Alliance Partner


Stratodesk and deviceTRUST collaboration brings the most secure endpoint environment for customers using corporate workspaces. deviceTRUST compliments Stratodesk’s already secured operating system NoTouch OS with an additional layer of security and visibility of more than 200 security properties across the hardware, software, network, and security. This comprehensive security information places IT in control of securing user environments to meet their Security, Compliance, and Regulatory requirements. The deviceTRUST Client Extension is integrated with Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS and can be managed and configured using Stratodesk’s management solution NoTouch Center.

Founded in 2010, Stratodesk is the leading global EUC innovator of endpoint OS software. Stratodesk’s agile and customer-centric, Linux-based managed OS software, Stratodesk NoTouch is defining end user computing with its freedom to transform any device into a cloud-ready and highly secure endpoint, enabling companies to cost-effectively manage their unified VDI endpoint deployments and secure digital perimeters. Stratodesk’s software works seamlessly across all x64, x86, and Raspberry Pi-based hardware products increasing endpoint security and simplifying the user experience.

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