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Use Case

Unauthorized USB Drives

deviceTRUST Use Case Unauthorized USB Drives


  • Users of the virtual workspace must be able to exchange files with a USB memory stick plugged into their device.
  • However, for security reasons, this data transfer may only be carried out with USB memory sticks that are authorized by the company.
  • Within the virtual workspaces there is no standard option to allow the use of dedicated USB memory sticks from defined manufacturers only.




With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies have the option of only releasing authorized USB memory sticks to users within the virtual workspace:

  • deviceTRUST enables the unique identification of a USB memory stick by using the characteristics of the USB memory stick (e.g. manufacturer ID, product ID and serial number).
  • This unique identification of the USB memory stick enables dynamic access control at any time, both in the virtual workspace and on the local device.