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Use Case

Silo Optimization

deviceTRUST Use Case Silo Optimization


  • Users access their virtual workspace from different locations. This includes access from within the company as well as from outside while travelling or from the home office.
  • The existing security, compliance and regulatory requirements stipulate that individual applications within the virtual workspace may only be used for access from certain scenarios, e.g. within the company.
  • Here, the role of the employee is not sufficient to provide the correct applications and resources for the respective access scenario.
  • A common workaround is to build multiple application silos for each access scenario. The user must therefore connect to the correct virtual workspace depending on the situation.
  • This leads to increased administrative effort and costs and a poorer user experience.




With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies have the opportunity to drastically reduce the number of application silos:

  • deviceTRUST enables companies to easily allow different access scenarios within one virtual workspace application silo.
  • This leads to significantly lower operating costs of the virtual workspaces and reduced administration effort.
  • Users only connect to one virtual workspace regardless of their access scenario. In doing so, all security, compliance and regulatory requirements continue to be observed.