deviceTRUST 20.2.200 for Windows and macOS, and 20.1.200 for IGEL and eLux is now available. See the WindowsmacOSIGEL or eLux release notes for more information.

Use Case

License Compliance


  • Enterprise applications that are licensed per device (e.g. Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio) are made available on virtual workspaces for a dedicated group of users.
  • It is necessary that the license conditions of the respective vendor are adhered to and that the respective applications can only be used if the user uses a licensed device.
  • Since the device used by the user cannot be uniquely identified in virtual workspaces, it cannot be guaranteed that users can only run these applications in the virtual workspace with licensed devices.
  • This means that it is not possible to use the applications in accordance with the license or only at great expense.




With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies have the possibility to make device-based applications available via virtual workspaces in accordance with the license:

  • deviceTRUST makes it possible to uniquely identify devices when they access the virtual workspace.
  • Based on this identification, access to the application is permitted or prevented in accordance with the license.
  • The license-compliant application usage is logged in an audit-proof manner.