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Use Case

Work from Home

deviceTRUST Use Case Home Office


  • Employees must be able to work from their home office with unrestricted access to all necessary applications, identical to when they are working within the corporate network.
  • However, employees access their virtual workspace environment from external locations, and IT have no information of where their employees are located.
  • This results in a high security and compliance risk for the company since the role of the employee within the company is not sufficient to control access to the virtual workspace and applications.



With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies can provide home office access that meets all IT security, compliance, and regulatory requirements:

  • The deviceTRUST Compliance Check basically ensures that all existing IT security and compliance requirements are met. This includes, for example, the status of security components such as firewall and antivirus, but also the networks used and the country from which access is being made.
  • Optionally, deviceTRUST can validate the employee's home office if necessary. This ensures that employees can only access their virtual workspace from validated environments, such as their home office or company. Unauthorized access, even with stolen access data, is thus securely prevented.