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Use Case

Dynamic Policies

deviceTRUST Use Case Dynamic Policies


  • In local and virtual workspaces, policies from different vendors, such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, are used to manage the user environment.
  • These policies are used to control settings for screen savers, session idle time, availability of local drives and printers in the user's virtual workspace, for example.
  • The setting of these policy settings is mainly static based on the group memberships of the user, and no longer meets today's requirements of a dynamic working method of the user.




With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies can dynamically adapt policy settings in local and virtual workspaces to the user's current requirements:

  • In the virtual workspace, the screen saver is only activated if the device does not meet the requirements for a secure screen saver.
  • The session idle time for disconnecting or logging off a user session can now be defined dynamically based on the location of the device and the user.
  • Local resources, such as drives and printers, can only be used in the virtual workspace if, for example, the used device is managed and secured by the company. Non-company devices can still be used, but local resources are not available.