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Use Case

Compliance Check

deviceTRUST Use Case Compliance Check


  • Companies enable their users with different devices to access their virtual workspace in order to work productively with their applications and resources.
  • Users should be able to use devices which are managed by IT, and also devices unknown to IT.
  • Since only the role of the user is known during access, but no information about the status of the device in use is available, access to the virtual workspace cannot be guaranteed to comply with security and compliance requirements.




With deviceTRUST's contextual security, companies can make applications and resources available to their users via the virtual workspace in accordance with the specifications:

  • deviceTRUST enables a compliance check of the device used when users access the virtual workspace, but without having to manage these devices. This means that access is only permitted if the device meets all security and compliance requirements.
  • This compliance check can be individually adapted to the various requirements of the company. Information about the used device, the used network connection and also the location is available.