Compliance Reporting

At its core, deviceTRUST protects digital workplaces and uses devices as an additional security factor. If the context meets the respective security requirements, certain actions are triggered. Other actions are triggered if the context does not meet the respective security requirements. In addition to the active control of the digital workspace, deviceTRUST can also send…

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Corporate Device Detection


Companies and institutions must often know which devices access their remote environments. These requirements can be based on external or internal regulatory requirements and extended security approaches. deviceTRUST uses specific indicators to identify corporate devices uniquely. By using granular domain membership information or serial numbers, you receive precise information about whether the device is self-managed…

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Security Check


The Security & Compliance Check offers the possibility to configure, the option that employees are only able to access their digital workspace with their devices if these are managed by the company or that critical applications can only be used if the WLAN is sufficiently encrypted.

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