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Stratodesk and deviceTRUST Announce Their Collaboration Delivering the Most Secure Endpoint Environment

deviceTRUST and NoTouch OS ease the path for customers on their zero-trust security journey

Darmstadt – March 21, 2023 – Stratodesk, the pioneer of secure managed endpoints for modern workspaces, and deviceTRUST, leader in Contextual Security for digital workspaces in the enterprise, announced today their security integration partnership. This partnership benefits customers by delivering an additional layer of security for workspace access and authorization.

Stratodesk and deviceTRUST collaboration brings customers the most secure endpoint environment accessing corporate workspaces. deviceTRUST complements Stratodesk’s secure by design, read-only, Linux-based operating system, NoTouch OS, with an additional layer of security and visibility. Together the Stratodesk and deviceTrust solution allow IT administrators to better control and secure environments, while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. The deviceTRUST client software is integrated with Stratodesk NoTouch OS and can be easily deployed, updated, configured, and managed at scale using Stratodesk’s management solution, NoTouch Center.

“As a world-class outsourced customer support provider, iQor delivers reliable, secure, and intuitive solutions at scale. By investing in deviceTRUST’s zero trust capabilities and Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS, iQor has seamlessly integrated our multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with endpoint security. These partnerships further secure our communication channels, protect data and transactions, and facilitate transparent data-sharing processes. The joint solution provides a powerful management platform with cutting-edge security features,” said iQor Chief Digital Officer Prabhjot Singh.

“The transition to hybrid work models combined with cloud deployment strategies has multiplied the complexity of delivering a secure and productive employee experience. From the beginning, NoTouch OS was engineered with endpoint security in mind. As an immutable Linux distribution with no open ports, it offers maximum protection against viruses and malware due to its minimal attack surface. We’re pleased that deviceTRUST has joined our partnership to focus on delivering the industry’s most secure endpoint OS ever,” said Emanuel Pirker, CEO at Stratodesk. “Having the deviceTrust client seamlessly integrated in NoTouch OS provides our customers a comprehensive, zero-trust, enterprise-grade solution.”

“We are excited about our partnership with Stratodesk and the opportunity it brings to make digital workspaces even more secure in today’s hybrid work environment. Integrating deviceTRUST with Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS provides an additional security factor for customers’ Zero Trust strategies,” said Sascha Goeckel, CEO of deviceTRUST.

Both products are available today from Stratodesk, deviceTRUST, and channel partners worldwide. More information regarding the Stratodesk and deviceTRUST integrated solutions is available here.

About Stratodesk

Founded in 2010, Stratodesk drives the adoption of secure managed endpoints for accessing the corporate workspace. Stratodesk NoTouch software gives IT customers endpoint security and full manageability while allowing the flexibility to choose endpoint hardware, workspace solution, cloud or on-premises deployment, and the cost consumption model that fits their business. Through its U.S. and European offices,
Stratodesk is growing a disruptive community of channel partners and technology providers committed to modernizing and digitizing workspaces. Today, with one million licenses deployed globally across multiple industries, Stratodesk prides itself on its authenticity and dedication to delivering its customers the most innovative software solution. For more information, visit

About deviceTRUST GmbH

The right IT security strategy is essential in a hybrid work environment. With the Contextual Security platform, deviceTRUST enables to work with secure digital workspaces from any location, with any device, over any network and at any time. Meanwhile, it gives IT departments all the information and control they need to meet all security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

The strong partnerships with the leading technology platforms and the easy integration into any existing workspace management solution convince customers from all industries. The context is always up-to-date and any change triggers a definable action. With the device as an additional factor, deviceTRUST takes conditional access to the next level and is the optimal extension to zero trust strategies. For more information on deviceTRUST, visit


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