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Supported Platforms

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) provides an easy way to quickly provision virtual desktops and applications to enable secure remote work. Together with deviceTRUST Contextual Security, administrators now have a powerful new way to securely and intelligently enforce all security, compliance and regulatory requirements when accessing your environment.

Compliance check

Ensures that only devices that meet all security and compliance requirements can be used. This includes a variety of different information for compliance checking such as antivirus and firewall status, OS update status, device and user certificates, domain membership, device management server, country, etc.

Compliant application access

The applications available in the session can be controlled based on context. This ensures that the applications are available only as specified. This also applies when reconnecting and during session runtime for instances that are still running. Installed and web-based applications are supported.

Configuration defaults

Apply configuration defaults and policies to control available options and resources. This makes it very easy, for example, to apply policies to control the session idle time depending on the context of access or the location-dependent connection of session printers.

Status report

You can quickly and easily create visibility of accesses via predefined and ready-to-use dashboards for Splunk, Graylog and ELK Stack.

Diverse context

For the context definition, a variety of information from the used device, the connected network, the location, day and time as well as about the user himself can be used. In addition, external information is supported, e.g. from Microsoft SharePoint lists, databases, text files, etc.

Real time

The deviceTRUST context is always up to date. Context changes can be detected not only during login, when reconnecting the session, but also during the session runtime and perform predefined actions.

Works without endpoint management

deviceTRUST does not require device management, whether for corporate-owned or BYOD devices. Optionally, however, the installation of our client extension can also be done via your endpoint management system.

No additional infrastructure required

No additional infrastructure or Microsoft Azure services are required to use deviceTRUST.

With this, deviceTRUST brings together all the context and control you need to protect your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop workstations while providing the modern access your users demand.

At Microsoft, we’re very pleased to have deviceTRUST as a Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) partner so customers have some great options for securing their AVD deployments even further.

Michel Roth, Global Black Belt Azure Virtual Desktop Sales Lead EMEA