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Home Office

With the advent of Coronavirus (COVID-19), employers are facing new challenges – what happens to my operations under quarantine and how can I enable as many employees as possible to continue working from home at short notice?​

Employees working within the company network are used to unrestricted access to all necessary applications and resources. When they are located outside the corporate network, compliance requirements typically prevent access to business critical applications and data. However, working from the home office is now an essential requirement for companies.

To maintain a productive workforce, employees working from home should have access to all business-critical applications and data, just as they would within the company network. In this case however, the employee accesses his or her virtual workplace externally and corporate IT has no information about where and what the employee accesses from.

This results in a major security and compliance risk for the company, as the employee’s role within the company is not sufficient to identify and validate the employee’s home office as such.

With its context-based security, deviceTRUST offers the easy-to-implement solution that enables companies to implement the respective, different requirements for secure working in the home office. In practice, the compliance check is the basic security check for access from the home office and optionally, the home office validation can be used to restrict access from the home office to a validated location.

Compliance Check

If an employee accesses his virtual workplace, all requirements for a secure device are checked. If a used device does not meet these requirements, access to the virtual workplace can be denied (conditional access). This is also possible at any time while working with the virtual workplace.

Home Office Validation

Once an employee has validated his home office, this is checked (anonymously) every time he accesses the virtual workspace. When accessing from the respective home office, the employee can work with his virtual workspace and all business-critical applications. As soon as access is made from a non-validated location, the entire virtual workspace or individual business-critical applications can be blocked. This ensures that even with stolen user data, the virtual workspace and business-critical applications cannot be accessed.

​deviceTRUST enables employees to work productively very quickly from their home office with their existing virtual workplace and ensures that all security compliance and regulatory requirements are met. We are aware that we all find ourselves in a special situation and, together with our partners, we would like to support companies in maintaining their operations quickly and easily. We support this with flexible licensing models with short runtimes and fast technical support during implementation. Please use our contact form here.