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Want to see how deviceTRUST’s technology can help enhance your physical or virtual environments with easy to consume context from your users and their endpoints?


Contextual FSLogix Masking

FSLogix uses a unique approach called Image Masking, which allows applications to be installed into any Windows environment, physical or virtual, using the standard MSI or installation tools. With a superset of applications installed on a single gold image, the FSLogix solution hides those applications not permitted to the user session.

deviceTRUST makes the context of the endpoint and the user available inside the virtual session and on the endpoint, to ensure that all changes to the endpoint and user context results in an immediate update.

deviceTRUST uses the context of the endpoint and the user to trigger FSLogix to make the application either accessible or inaccessible within the users’ session. This strong combination of FSLogix Image Masking and deviceTRUST is the first solution that enables true contextual application access control for virtual and physical environments.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our joint solution paper, or watch our deviceTRUST and FSLogix Video.