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June 19, 2024- June 21, 2024
Hotel Palace Berlin - Germany


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Jens Schmidt


Marc Stieber | Sales Manager EMEA deviceTRUSTMarc Stieber

Sales Manager EMEA

Dietmar Becker - Enterprise Account Manager deviceTRUSTDietmar Becker

Enterprise Account Manager

Zero Trust - Secure digital workspaces for the future of the hybrid working world

June 21 | 08:30 - 09:00 - Please note the session is in German language

In an increasingly digital working world, the protection of resources and sensitive data is of crucial importance. Companies are faced with the challenge of designing secure working environments without compromising productivity. In this session, you will learn why deviceTRUST makes the difference in your Zero Trust strategy with context-based security.

  • How can deviceTRUST help to close the security gaps that arise, for example, from the increasing use of personal devices in the company?
  • What added value does deviceTRUST's context-based access control offer in addition to existing security approaches?
  • How does deviceTRUST help companies meet compliance requirements and protect sensitive data, especially in hybrid work environments?

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