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Client extension download

4 steps to access your digital workspace


You've been directed to this page to install our client extension for secure access to your digital workspace. Follow these four steps to complete the installation.  


Step 1: Choose the operating system of your device

Note: For the operating systems IGEL OS and Unicon eLux it is not necessary to download and install the deviceTRUST Client Extension. The client extension is already pre-installed in the specific operating system.

Step 2: Download the client extension for Apple macOS

  • Requires Apple macOS 10.13 or higher.
  • Latest version: 21.1.300
  • SHA-256 Hash: 8EEAAD024587B05C01609E542B892812FA805C02134EB3817F735D2452084D8F

Step 3: Install the client extension for Apple macOS


Run installer
Start the installation by clicking on the downloaded file and selecting install deviceTRUST Client Extension.


Confirm installation
Click continue to confirm that you want to run the installer.


Installation finished
The installation of the deviceTRUST Client Extension has been completed successfully. Click close to exit the installer.

Step 4: You are ready to start!

You have successfully installed the client extension on your device and can continue working. You do not have to run anything as our client extension will be automatically loaded when required.


Is this the deviceTRUST Client?

Yes, we recently renamed the deviceTRUST Client to deviceTRUST Client Extension.

What does the deviceTRUST Client Extension do?

With the help of the deviceTRUST Client Extension, it is possible to check whether the necessary security, compliance or regulatory requirements are met when accessing your company’s digital workspace. If you want to know more about this, please contact your IT help desk. 

Where can I get technical support?

Please contact your company’s IT help desk if you need technical support.

Why is my OS not listed?

Only the operating systems listed are currently supported. Please contact your IT help desk if you are not using an operating system supported by deviceTRUST. 

How can I uninstall the deviceTRUST Client Extension?

The client extension can be easily uninstalled from Control Panel, Programs and Features. Alternatively restart the client installer and press uninstall.