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Microsoft & deviceTRUST

100% Context, 0% complex

deviceTRUST provides the central contextual platform for enterprises, enabling users to work with their digital workspace from any location, with any device, over any network and at any time, giving IT departments all the information and control they need to meet all security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Thereby, deviceTRUST extends Microsoft functionalities and simplifies their management, regardless of whether applications and digital workspaces are provided locally, remotely or via the cloud.

With the numerous templates, the configuration of deviceTRUST is very simple. Thus, the most diverse use cases can be realized quickly. For example, ensure that work is only done from secure WiFi networks, that geolocation is appropriate, or that access is only allowed at defined times.

M/O 365

The integration of the deviceTRUST context with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) significantly expands the capabilities of Conditional Access:

Detailed context for defining of the compliance status

Additional context to ensure more advanced security & compliance requirements as well

Control not only of cloud/SaaS but also of locally installed applications

No Intune endpoint management required


Better Together – Microsoft Azure AD und deviceTRUST

Microsoft Conditional Access – 100% Context Live Demo

Azure Virtual Desktop

Like other remoting platforms, deviceTRUST also offers contextual security for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) regarding desktop and application control:

Conditional access and compliance check even without endpoint management

Detailed context available in the session at any time

Easy configuration of access to different host pools

Configuration of session control policies


Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Overview

Conditional Access+ for AVD Demo

Application Control

Based on the deviceTRUST context, access to individual applications can be dynamically controlled at any time. For this purpose, deviceTRUST supports and extends the following Microsoft technologies, among others:

AppLocker with automatic Allow-Listing through Authorized Owner concept

FSLogix Application Masking

Application Virtualization (App-V)

MSIX app attach

Windows Defender Firewall

Termination of applications at runtime, if required


Microsoft AppLocker Management with deviceTRUST

Create and manage Allow Lists with deviceTRUST

Conditional Application Access with deviceTRUST

AppLocker - Next Generation Live Demo

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