deviceTRUST Heroes: 5 questions for Michael

Our product and our company can only be as good as the people behind it. In the deviceTRUST Heros interviews, we introduce them to you one by one.

Michael, tell us a about yourself and what you do at deviceTRUST.

I am a Senior Software Quality Engineer. I am responsible for testing the software deviceTRUST release and the maintenance of the test environments we use in development. I also assist with support as it helps me stay close to the customer. I have worked at deviceTRUST for 3 years after joining from Ivanti.

Did you always want to work in technology?

Ha, no! I started out in Customer Service, but I was always interested in business and technology. I got into IT by getting a deep understanding of the software and technology we used for the company in house systems. I was seconded to IT several times and my knowledge was a skill the IT team lacked so I got my break when an opening became available.

I loved my new role in IT instantly, I was answering support calls and dealing with a new type of customer, always trying to aim for a first-time resolution! Most of all the challenge of learning new skills and putting them into practice by building systems people used. I had a great boss and mentor who saw potential in me. I was encouraged to obtain certifications and fast forward a few years I had my MCP/MCDST/MCTS/MCSA.

What do you like about working for deviceTRUST?

With the pandemic there is a real need for contextual security now more than ever. Last year we saw IT rules torn up as users were sent to work from home while businesses tried to carry on being productive. There is an absolute need to ensure that devices connecting to internal systems remotely are trusted to conform to company standards, protecting the user and their employer. That combined with the EUC features of deviceTRUST it makes a winning combination. It is great to be a part of a company that is leading the way in Contextual Security.

At deviceTRUST we listen to our customer carefully and rapidly develop solutions that solve their problems. deviceTRUST is fast paced, challenging but very rewarding. Overall, the 3 years I have been here feel more like 18 months!

How do you relax after a hard day at work?

I am married with two children so spending time with my family. I also enjoy watching football, I am a season ticket holder at Everton. I also like to do target and clay pigeon shooting.

What three words would you use to describe deviceTRUST?

Innovative, Customer Focused


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