Alliance Partner


Unicon offers an innovative solution for managing your virtual desktop environment with eLux, a Linux-based operating system, and the Scout management platform. eLux provides efficient access to VDI & DaaS, offering flexible IT resource utilization. This powerful combination with deviceTRUST optimizes the efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure, while potentially achieving significant cost savings.


Benefits for deviceTRUST customers:

  • Security and efficiency with eLux: eLux is a lightweight, hardware-agnostic x86 endpoint OS. It is highly secure and well-suited for on-premises, VDI, and cloud environments, supporting endpoints such as thin clients, laptops, and desktop PCs. eLux enables IT departments to deliver a secure user experience consistently.
  • Centralized and efficient management with Scout: Scout is an endpoint management solution that allows centralized management of thousands of devices through an intuitive interface. It saves time, reduces IT management complexity, and enhances employee productivity.
  • Cost savings and sustainability: Unicon’s solutions help reduce hardware, licensing, and management costs by over 35%. By extending device lifecycles and minimizing waste, these solutions contribute significantly to sustainability efforts.